Lauren Morris

When I paint flowers, I feel inspired to create a harmonious and joyful symphony bursting with life. I see them as exuberant souls.

“Art is always an expression of something; whether an idea, image or feeling and colour is an aspect of life which influences a person’s actions and emotions however subtle. It can affect our minds, bodies, and overall mood. It allows us to create our own individuality and flare and I truly believe in the transformative and healing nature of colour. My current work is inspired by an exploration of my own experiences using colour and brush strokes to evoke an emotion within the viewer. I want to immerse them in my paintings in order to transport them to a place of rebirth and renewal. The theme of my work focuses on Still life with Flowers, painted primarily in Acrylic on Canvas or resin on wood. I strive for a simplicity within my work while being unique. When I paint flowers, I feel inspired to create a harmonious and joyful symphony bursting with sensuality and life. I see them as exuberant souls, dancing on my canvas. I enjoy working with reflections, shadows and light. To enter my Garden one has to embrace the journey of light, harmony, warmth and colour through visual imagery.

Lauren Morris was born in Cape Town, South Africa. After completing Graphic Design at the Cape Technikon in South Africa, I pursued a career in the publishing field working for “Fair Lady”, one of South Africa’s leading woman’s magazines. My area of expertise included layout and design, along with illustrations. I then moved on to “Struik Publishing”, designing a wide array of books ranging from gardening to Interior Design. 

Several years later, a keen drive to widen my creative scope coupled with a penchant for travel initiated a trip to America where I had the opportunity to continue with Graphic Design for the American Chemical Society while attending classes at the Corcoran School of Art, in Arlington, Virginia. It was there that I learn’t to work and explore the many options of Fine Art. 

Following seven years of both academic and artistic accomplishments, I moved to Vancouver and  was thrown into a world full of challenges: My art and my senses merged. Making art for me was like exploring a new country for the first time.

I love color and energy created by extremes. Flowers and landscapes appeal to me and I drew inspiration from their essence. 

Ultimately, I want to fill my canvas with movement and light, making the viewer 

see beyond the colors on the canvas. Art is my passion and communication, and
I continue to challenge myself with new projects and ideas.

Lauren’s exhibits include, 4 group shows as well as 2 Solo shows at the “Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery”, a duo show at the “Amelia Douglas Gallery” a Solo show at the “Jericho Arts Centre”. “For the past four years, she has participated in the “Vancouver East side Culture Crawl”, “Artists in Our Midst”. She has also participated in “Dinner by Design”, “Vancouver Interior Design Show” and Art Vancouver. She has also done numerous commissions for Interior Design homes.

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Solo/Group Shows

2012 -2013 Artists in Our Midst

2012 -2016 East Cultural Crawl

2015 –  Solo show at the “Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery”

2015 –  Group show at the “Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery”

2015 –  Solo show at the “Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery”

2015 – Solo show at the “Amelia Douglas Gallery” 

2016 – Solo show at the “Jericho Arts Centre” 

2016 – Dinner by Design 

2019,2022 Vancouver Interior Design Show.


Gallery George – Vancouver
Le Hang Gallery – Vancouver


Commissioned pieces for homes/Interior Design

Feature in Pursuit 365

Taught Art Classes for Art Vancouver/Opus Art Store

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